Fresh authentic live
Mexican jumping beans
now available.

Amazing Beans® come 5 per box and include a fun racing game and educational info.

The most active jumping beans. Guaranteed.
Free shipping.

Each box contains five jumping beans. The clear plastic boxes snap open and closed for easy storage of your jumping beans. Orders are shipped within 24 hours by U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail. Includes insurance, tracking & delivery confirmation. Receive your jumping beans in 2 to 4 days.



5 Boxes   $10.95
10 Boxes   $17.89
20 Boxes   $31.95
30 Boxes   $48.95
50 Boxes   $78.95
100 Boxes   $149.95
500 Boxes   $738.95
A Sack Of 100 Beans   $14.85

Perfect for parties or classrooms...

Mexican jumping beans are harvested only once per year. We import fresh jumping beans directly from Mexico. We are not a "reseller". We do not sell old jumping beans. Each sack contains one hundred fresh jumping beans and five educational game sheets.  $14.85
This is our most popular item - a sack containing a minimum of 100 jumping beans and includes 5 educational game sheets. Game sheets have a fun racing game with educational information all about jumping beans.

See Amazing Beans® in action!

Mexican Jumping Beans are now in outer space!

Amazing Beans® were selected to go to the International Space Station to be used in scientific research! We have also supplied our jumping beans to hundreds of schools and colleges throughout the United States.
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